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Social Life vs. Staying on Track

Appero (n.)— short for appertif, an appero is when you get together with people in a social setting to drink (lots of) wine and eat (lots of) snacks that are mainly cheese and bread based, because it’s France.

Considering I live in this tiny village, meeting the few people my age for apperos is pretty much the only time I ‘get out’. On days I know my evenings will be full of carbs and sodium, I eat extra healthy during the day for balance.

But what trips me up, is a day like today— when I didn’t have plans and I have already eaten my daily allowance of carbs and fat, and only then my friends decide to get together. And yes, I could say no to that extra glass of wine (which I usually do) or that seriously delicious garlic-herb cheese on baguette (such a painful ‘no’). But when my host starts scrambling to provide me other options when he or she thinks I just don’t like what’s being offered, I feel awful and that combined with distraction from conversation, I end up eating a slice of bread.. or four. 

Le sigh. 

— 2 years ago
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