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Fitness First

Social Life vs. Staying on Track

Appero (n.)— short for appertif, an appero is when you get together with people in a social setting to drink (lots of) wine and eat (lots of) snacks that are mainly cheese and bread based, because it’s France.

Considering I live in this tiny village, meeting the few people my age for apperos is pretty much the only time I ‘get out’. On days I know my evenings will be full of carbs and sodium, I eat extra healthy during the day for balance.

But what trips me up, is a day like today— when I didn’t have plans and I have already eaten my daily allowance of carbs and fat, and only then my friends decide to get together. And yes, I could say no to that extra glass of wine (which I usually do) or that seriously delicious garlic-herb cheese on baguette (such a painful ‘no’). But when my host starts scrambling to provide me other options when he or she thinks I just don’t like what’s being offered, I feel awful and that combined with distraction from conversation, I end up eating a slice of bread.. or four. 

Le sigh. 

— 2 years ago
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I look at the fitspo tag to motivate myself and I’m always talking to myself in Tumblr post format SO I figured this would be a good way to put it all together.

Like a cliche, I started trying to get fit around New Year’s. Been a pretty good January.. I’ve lost 10 lbs and I’ve changed my eating and working out habits. 

I’m not gonna gush about salads because honestly, they’re just ok to me. I would much rather munch on unhealthy stuff but I accept that should exist in moderation and involves lots of working out. 

I don’t have a scale because I’m doing a study abroad and I’m a poor college kid who can’t afford to buy anything she can’t bring back with her in her one allotted suitcase.

I’m in France. As in the land of wine and bread and pastries and cheese and butter on EVERYTHING by the shitload so abstinence takes on a WHOLE ‘nother level.

I’m not always going to be the paragon of health. Sometimes I eat too few calories and work out too hard. Sometimes the boulangerie just smells too delicious to resist after a long day and I’ll get a croissant and then skip dinner out of guilt. 

But I’m trying. Really hard. To be healthier, to not skip meals, to choose workouts and vegetables. And for that, I give myself some credit. 

— 2 years ago
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